Private Tutoring in Ottawa

My name is Joseph Daniel Maillet, but everyone calls me Daniel.  I am an Ontario Certified Teacher. My registration number with the Ontario College of Teachers is 632558. 

I earned a Honours Bachelor of Arts with a Specialization in History and a Bachelor of Education, cum laude, from the University of Ottawa

I have been teaching in the Ottawa Catholic School Board since 2013, and have been providing various tutoring and proofreading services since 2012. I spent the first four years of my career working as a Long-Term Occasional (LTO) teacher, teaching various levels of high school English all around the city. In the fall of 2017 I was offered a permanent position teaching Grades 7/8. I currently teach English, Visual Art, and Social Studies (History & Geography). 

Each summer I continue to work with the school board as the Summer School e-Learning Program Coordinator, where I help coordinate all of the e-learning reach-ahead courses for students, teachers, and administrators. 

As an Ontario Certified Teacher, I am governed by one of the largest professional bodies in the country. As such, I continually follow the Ethical Standards & Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession

I have an extensive philosophy of education. My goal is to help students thrive as 21st century learners, and to become independent and self-motivated learners. 

I look forward to working with you.