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My Philosophy of Education

The world is constantly changing around us, and as a result our education system must continue to grow at a competitive pace. This is why my educational philosophy is focused on ensuring student success within the curriculum expectations as well as ensuring that my students are prepared to enter the world when they leave my classroom. This means teaching my students the life skills that they will require to be successful outside the classroom. Skills such as time management, critical thinking and problem solving. As a teacher of history and English, I believe that there is room in both these subjects for teaching these life skills and more, while ensuring the students understand the curriculum requirements.  

Ensuring student success means teaching to each student’s independent learning style, while still being able to teach to the classroom as a whole. This ensures that no student feels left behind because of their learning style. For these theories to work, the classroom must be a welcoming environment to all and where everyone feels that they are in a safe and caring arena of learning. This environment will be created by ensuring that student success posters as well as student work is showcased around the classroom. This is because the classroom is as much the student’s space as it is the teachers. As a teacher, I am expected to be able to enter almost any environment and be able to teach, but for a student to learn they need to be in an environment where they are comfortable and not distracted by off topic materials.  

As a teacher, focused on a lifetime of learning, I always have an open mind, especially when it comes to student work. While the traditional role of a teacher is to teach the students, I want my students to be able to teach me at the same time that I teach them. Just because I have a university degree, does not mean that I cannot learn from my students. For this to be possible, the teacher needs to be approachable by the students, which is exactly the type of teacher I believe I am, thus ensuring student success in education.